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November 25, 2010 / Dan Whipple

Thanksgiving birds

Giving thanks I'm not this guy

Giving thanks I'm not this guy

Sunday, we sat on the upper porch and identified 20 species of birds in about two hours. Well, let’s be fair here. Kathy identified them. I waved the binoculars around and pretended I could see them. They were mostly small, flickering birds among whose ranks I am unpopular.

The birds we saw were:

• Cinnamon crested bee-eater
• Baglafecht weaver
• Golden weaver
• African paradise flycatcher
• Speckled mousebird
• Olive thrush
• Hadada ibis
• Common bulbul
• Black kite
• White-eyed slaty flycatcher
• Black-backed puffback
• Spot-flanked barbet
• Some sunbird or other
• Abyssinian white-eye
• Variable sunbird
• Black-capped flycatcher
• Yellow-rumped tinkerbird
• Bronze mannikin
• Sacred ibis

It’s Thanksgiving today, which is not a holiday in Kenya. The power was off all day, though, so it was sort of like a holiday. Our dog Sophie has taken an active dislike to the hadada ibises that sometimes hunt food in the garden next door. She’d really like one for Thanksgiving dinner. She’ll have to settle for leftover pork chops.

P.S. Today is Sophie’s birthday.


Sophie without an ice cube



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  1. Dan Neal / Nov 26 2010 8:11 pm

    You are slowly joining the ranks of those who tryto figure out the true identity of Dick E. Bird.

  2. chas / Nov 29 2010 3:47 pm

    Jeez.. with all those birds you had pork chops for Thanksgiving?

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